Anywhere you need sound C.A.V.E. designers could make it happen. We offer professional multi-room sound installation throughout the house, controlled by keypads/touchpad’s in every room as well as wireless remotes. Everyone in the family could enjoy their favorite music in their own room at the same time, with one system! Audio devices could be installed into any room with proper wire concealment, to give a very clean professional look, and give you entire audio control. It could provide symphony type audio throughout the house. The central audio system that will feed all the speakers could be mounted or setup anywhere in the home, where it is most convenient for the homeowner. It could be connected to the television or home theater system so television shows and movie audio could be heard from anywhere in the home. Outdoor speaker systems could also be controlled from anywhere in your home.


Speakers come in a variety all shapes, sizes, and design for the look that best compliments your home’s decor. Multi room audio installation has become increasingly popular and may be more affordable than you think.

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